An unforgettable and transformative exploration of sense and emotion


Bravery is a value that can help build confidence and creativity, to make smarter decisions and to be a better leader. Bravery is linked to integrity, influence and trust. As one gains a deeper connection with your own bravery so you are better able to express yourself and your purpose in life without the fear, judgment and cynicism that hold us back from following through. 

The partners of the Creative Leadership Consultancy went to Japan to study the art of incense making in the ancient samurai tradition. The way these warriors used smell to unlock and embed bravery is a powerful way to engage your own courage.  Participants go through a unique process of crafting their own unique smell of what Bravery means for them into incense in this intervention.  

This workshop is an unforgettable and transformative experience of sense, emotion and action. The process allows participants to engage all the senses and allows access to deeper parts of the unconscious mind in order to experience deeper understanding and transformation. Especially powerful as an awakening and memorable team building process. 

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"The Smell of Bravery workshop was a very significant journey of uncovering what bravery really means to me. As a creative business owner, I often find that I am expected to make courageous decisions and step into risky spaces. The workshop took me through beautiful rituals of contemplation and collaboration, allowing me to understand the influence and connection that scent has on bravery.  It truly is an inspiring process, filled with memory, emotion and creativity." - Karin Rae, owner Dear Rae


Full day Masterclass