Playfulness, Essence, Agility, Connection, Ease

This workshop will focus on improving presentation skills. Delegates will experience a series of activities aimed at developing them as presenters. Presenters will be encouraged to move beyond Powerpoint and present their ideas with playfulness, agility, and ease, where they connect with their audiences and communicate the essence of their message with clarity. Thus, the acronym PEACE Playfulness, Essence, Agility, Connection and Ease.



For those who struggle with nerves and are uncomfortable when presenting ideas and presentations. 



This workshop is for anyone who has to present to others as part of their work. It is a valuable process for leaders, managers and team leaders looking for a fresh way to present. Delegates will come away with confidence in speaking in front of an audience and greater insight into what makes one a better presenter and speaker.




This is a profoundly practical experience. Delegates will be required to engage in a series of practical activities that move them through all aspects of the PEACE model. There will be fun, interactive and challenging tasks around Playfulness, Essence, Agility, Connection and Ease.



> Moving beyond Powerpoint

> Presenting with Greater Confidence

> Learn how to Adapt in the moment



Can be run as a 2hr masterclass or customised as a one day process.