In a world where volatility and uncertainty are commonplace, how do we learn to operate with a sense of ease and connection with ourselves and others? This workshop is an ideal practical, fun and engaging process for teams - simple in its design but deep in its learnings. It has, at its base, the belief that the world of improvisation has much to teach us about building on the ideas of others. Drawing on the power of Play, delegates explore how  a sense of Playfulness gets us out of over-seriousness, and its accompanying cynicism, fatigue, disengagement and mistrust immediately by increasing confidence, creativity and levels of engagement. 



Ideal for any team who is experiencing "change fatigue" and low levels of engagement. Through playing these drama games and engaging in improvisation activities delegates will build and strengthen their agility, learn to think on their feet, be comfortable in uncertainty, grow in confidence and become more resilient.



This workshop is aimed at those wanting to develop trust, connection, and collaboration in a team context. 




This workshop leads delegates through a series of drama games and activities, which require them to be alert, think on their feet and start noticing things in a more curious, agile and alert way. The workshop then moves onto Improvisation, where delegates work together in teams, making and creating offers, yielding to and accepting each other’s ideas and building on them.

This session is largely collaborative and is a powerful way to get delegates to break down barriers, relax with one another and have fun in a state of safe play. It is a unique and memorable experience, where they will laugh, feel engaged and take with them tools for being an effective and impactful team player.



> Moving out of Over-seriousness into a space of Playfulness

> Collaboration, Connection and Communication

> Agility

> Creativity, Confidence, Resilience and Ease

> Learning to work in Uncertainty



Half Day Masterclass