As our trading environments become increasingly uncertain and complex, our natural response is to try and go faster to keep up with the rate of change around us. Im Busy” becomes the new Im fine. When we no longer have the luxury of operating in commercial environments that are easily identified, understood, and able to be controlled, the old paradigm of command, control, time management and planning becomes inadequate. PACE based leadership focuses on four new leadership practices which enable leaders to have higher impact in complex commercial systems: to nurture the capacity for Play and thus be comfortable with things in a state of emergence, grow Adaptability and thus learn how to be equipped to change course mid-direction, build Curiosity as a way to prevent flawed commercial acumen and dogmatism and have the Energy to drive growth and expansion. PACE based leadership thus builds easier adaptation to change, helps us to manage our risk and reframes our thinking, helps us to build the focus to get things done and ensures that there is not an over investment in one solution.


Leading with PACE - Better Business without the Burnout

How does one do more with less? How does one run a business which can create a better business impact without increasing the burnout of ones employees and one's self?" 

There is a new model for leadership which addresses these things. It is called PACE based leadership. Its philosophical underpinnings are grounded in four new leadership practices which take into account the need to create greater traction with less resources. Leading with PACE focuses on Play, Agility, Curiosity and Energy to achieve this.

This masterclass has been designed for organisations looking to generate a more meaningful impact through less resources, and to gain more traction through a more fulfilling way of leading and doing



Leaders must be equipped for the changes and strategic innovations that they are often required to think and lead through. Leading at PACE is crucial for achieving these goals and a necessary fundament on which to build strategic innovation and astute commercial acumen for implementable solutions. This workshop is aimed specifically at leaders wanting to develop their impact by being able to be equipped to operate effectively in complex and uncertain commercial environments.



This workshop is aimed at those wanting to develop their impact as leaders by understanding and being able to implement PACE based practices as a sustainable leadership advantage.




This workshop has a strong focus on practical application. Utilising a series of experiential learning techniques like LEGO Serious Play, construction and prototyping, play, and dialogue the process helps leaders to grapple with and immerse themselves in the practices of PACE based leadership.



> Reframe Thinking

> Practise Leading at PACE as a mindset

> Build a PACE-based Leadership Practice

> Grapple with a strategic challenge

> Attention Audit

> Energy Audit



One Day Masterclass