Productive Leadership for Disruptive Times

In an age of increased complexity, disruption, uncertainty and multiple commitments, the risk of burnout, disengagement and cynicism is high. Managing not just our time but also our energy and our attention at work is becoming a necessary and sought after practice.

In this highly practical class, wewill speak of a newly developed concept called Productive Presencing and share insights and tips for how to get work done at work through the lens of the Productively Present leader. Participants will be exposed to the Energy Audit, the Attention Audit and spend time looking at ways to build their own ritual to be more productively present. Delegates will come away with a toolkit of useful and easily implementable ways to improve the quality of what they do and how they do it.



For those who feel that they need to develop a different way of leading based on managing their energy and attention rather than their time. 



Aimed at any level of the organisation where there is a sense of change fatigue ad potential burnout. 




Highly interactive and practical class focusing on custom designed rituals for individual needs. 



> Understand the Value of Managing your Energy and Attention

> Customised focus on Individual levels of burnout

> Personalised Ritual Building



3hr Masterclass