Agility is increasingly viewed as a critical leadership practice, both for organisational effectiveness and leadership capability. But what exactly is Agility? And as a leader how does one practise it? The notion of Agility is an umbrella term for a set of leadership capabilities that serve as the foundation for developing high impact leadership practices today. Counter to popular belief, one is not quick to market by trying to just go faster. An agile leader does not respond to volatile trading environments by trying to match the speed thereof. Instead they work with a different order of things, finding ways to adjust their own behaviour and perspective. As Rumi said, Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

By slowing down to build the practices which deliver results in todays environment they are able to match the pace required. They go slow to go fast.



Helps one address challenges around engagement, accountability and change. In this one day workshop, a handpicked group of delegates will be introduced to a newly developed toolkit which helps to understand the observable behavioural changes that are required to be an agile leader, palpable in the conversations which their employees have but one which also drives the operations and the decision making processes their leaders engage in daily. It is an effective driver for building the mindset required to lead through change, building new leadership practices for engaging in volatile markets, and developing an appetite for prudent risk taking, prototyping and quick wins.



This workshop is aimed at those wanting to develop their impact as leaders by understanding Agility, one of the critical leadership drivers of today.





This workshop has a strong focus on practical application. It moves delegates from understanding the principles of Agility to building the practice of Agility. It works from the premise that we need to develop playful approaches to serious problems in order to achieve impact. Play, construction, dialogue, reflection, thinking partnerships and interactive exercises and techniques are used to help delegates grapple with the nine lenses of agility.



> Clear understanding of what Agility is (and isnt)

> Introduce Agility into the DNA of ones leadership practice

> Reframing thinking

> Building Agility as a mindset

> Attention Audit

> Energy Audit

> Agility Audit

> Building an Agile Practice



Half Day Masterclass