Starting a creative enterprise takes courage, resilience and an enormous amount of perseverance. But how do we continue to energise ourselves, our team and our vision once the business has been running for a few years? How do we move our business to the next level, empower our teams to build on what we have created, and generate a strong sense of purpose and mastery in what we do. 

ACE provides you with the creative leadership skills to fall in love with your creative business all over again.  It addresses the blindspots you have been running too fast to see, helps you to understand what you need to focus on, and what you need to let go of.  This experiential creative leadership and business course is a strategic makeover for your enterprise with heart at the centre. It focuses on peer learning, a network of support, and weekly workshops giving you global snapshots of inspiring happenings internationally. This is a learning experience which gives you back your inspiration and drive to take your business to new creative and strategic heights.


ACE is a 12-session immersive course designed for creative company owners.  A series of high impact masterclasses designed to unlock your leadership and engage your brilliance. You’ve been wanting to future-proof your business, relook the fundamentals you have put in place and take your business to a new level, this is your chance. ACE will consolidate, level up, fine-tune, re-ignite, inspire, and set you on track. 

Dates and format:

  • Starts 25 July 2019; Ends 16 October 2019

  • Thursday mornings from 9am - 12.30pm, punctuated with mentorship, self-study and peer learning in between lectures

Application qualifiers:

(In order to qualify applicants must meet ONE of the following criteria)

  • Your business must be operational for 3 years or more

  • Annual turnover of R1m or more

  • Team size of 6 or more.

Application Process:

  • There is a vetted and screened process for applicants. Potential delegates will be required to provide a letter of motivation.

  • Deadline for applications will be Friday 29th June

  • All successful candidates will be notified of their application by Friday 6th July

Course Fees: 

  • R14 999.00 (50% to secure place and 50% to be paid before the start of the course)


Session 1: 25 July

Stepping into Your Future Self through Lego Serious Play

In this future thinking session, together we will spend time building out the particular leadership practice you require, to move your business to the next level. It is informed by peer learning and has as its modality Lego Serious Play.


Session 2: 1 August

Future-Proofing Yourself: Leading with Creativity in the Age of Complexity

This session will focus on three critical leadership practises to future-proof yourself in your business: Curiosity, Energy and Playfulness. If command and control are broken mechanisms for leading in an age which has uncertainty and volatility at its core, how can Creative Leadership help you? This process will show you how to harness the benefits of operating in an age of complexity and change. Drawing on some rigorous research and powerful new tools we will look at ways in which to build these states more sustainably and effectively so that you can future-proof your energy and your impact. 


Session 3: 8 August

Getting Unstuck

The complexities of daily life create hindrances, challenges and blockages which we will seek to address in this process. Obstacles such as fear, cynicism and judgement limit our growth and impact on the quality of our decision making. With glueguns as the modality, delegates are taken through a rich experiential learning process to grapple with the voices of fear, judgement and cynicism.


Session 4: 15 August

The Persona of your Business

What is unique about your product? Who is your end-consumer? How do you win orders? (Re)Defining your market, your route to market, appropriate marketing. An internal audit on resources, operational requirements vs availability.


Session 5: 22 August

Pricing and Margins

This is a timely opportunity to relook your pricing and margin strategies in a safe and supportive environment. This session will include a specialist overview on pricing and margins to apply to your particular business and industry. This session will include a specialist overview on pricing and margins to apply to your particular business and industry.


Session 6: 29 August

Letting Go Responsibly

This process is a creative learning response to the difficulty of passing on work responsibly to others to amplify for change. Japanese Kite Making is an embodied experience of creative and learning how to let go responsibly. Using the tenets of this craft, delegates will not only learn how to make a kite, but also embed the principles of successful delegation and letting go with responsibility, ease and grace. 


Session 7: 5 September

Resource Planning

A snapshot of your current team and finances; an ideal view of what your operational team, equipment, gearing etc. should look like – now and for future impact. Identifying your blindspots, areas of strength versus risk; what is your strategic incompetence.


Session 8: 12 September

Amplifying your Network

How do you appropriately use your network, access business networks and become more curious in order to augment exposure,  scale your business and/or to access the right kind of funding? Multiple perspectives will be shared on how to achieve this with impact and efficiency.


Session 9: 19 September

Growth Strategies

Three perspectives on setting strategy for sustainable growth: Growing up, growing down and growing out? In this session we will explore what these different approaches to growth look like, where your current business is and what the most congruent strategy to use would be for your business going forward. This session includes a growth audit and case studies of where each approach has worked. 


Session 10: 26 September

Story Making - Putting Your Story to Work

The most compelling leaders drive loyalty, recognition, and sales through effective storymaking. Narrative is a crucial aspect of customer experience, because our brain uses story to translate experience into memory. Everything your business does tells a story - every picture, artefact, gesture and symbol shapes your customer's experience. In this session you will learn how to develop a deep story for your brand, you will learn some important organisational storymaking habits and processes; and you will get a toolkit for developing your own participative storymaking ecosystem. 

Session 11: 10 October

Your Concrete Future Offering

In this semi-final session, you re-tell the story of your business, including critical components and future planning.

Session 12: 17 October

The Smell of Bravery & Closing Session

Smell is the strongest enabler of identity, memory and action. In this final session, we couple smell with Bravery, a critical leadership trait to amplify action and change. In this unforgettable and transformative closing session, you will be building the qualities of your own bravery and transforming them into incense which can be taken away and burnt when your Bravery is most needed.


If you are an independent artist wanting to understand the language of Business or even start your own business, please have a look at the foundation course offered in association with the Cape Town Creative Academy here: Business Acumen For Artists


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(Applications close on 29 June)

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